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10 great pregnancy workout video guides

The necessity of quitting sports during pregnancy is one of the most stupid health myths. So, we found 10 great pregnancy workout video guides with exercises that you can do at home or in the gym, if you wish. These moves are great both for the mother and a child.

Of course, it is better to ask your doc first, because there are some restrictions. Anyway, most women need physical activity while being pregnant. Just keep in mind that working with weights is usually prohibited after the first trimester of pregnancy!

Pregnancy workout #1

This prenatal bodyweight workout is suitable for any trimester of pregnancy. It works on all muscle groups, using different types of cardio and strength exercises.

Pregnancy workout #2

Here is a dance cardio, good enough even for those who have never danced. First of all, this workout includes exercises to develop flexibility and strength of the legs.

Pregnancy workout #3

This one involves your buttocks, and requires no additional equipment. It lasts just 14 minutes, but you can combine this workout with any other.

Pregnancy workout #4

Another short workout. It strengthens your legs, chest, shoulders, arms and back.

Pregnancy gym workout #5

An athletic couple tells how to continue attending gym even during pregnancy. This video is more than a training plan. It also explains what is safe enough for pregnant women, and inspires.

Pregnancy workout #6

This one shows a “swinging” kickboxing that is a good cardio, too. We recommend to do this with caution, and to put on a good sports bra and an elastic pregnancy support belt.

Pregnancy yoga workout #7

Add half an hour of yoga for better strength and balance, that is totally safe. As a result, this prenatal yoga workout is extremely popular among pregnant women.

Pregnancy workout #8

This workout is a must for aerobics lovers. Do not forget to grab a bottle of water. Also mind that even if you are training at home, it is better to wear shoes for safety reasons.

Pregnancy pool workout #9

If you have a pool, you will love this “underwater” workout. Like yoga, swimming and water aerobics seem to be invented specially for future moms.

Pregnancy workout #10

This short workout is perfect for the third trimester. Due to strength training, cardio exercise and yoga, it works for the buttocks, legs, back and triceps.

In addition, mind these simple rules:

  • meet your healthcare provider first;
  • skip dangerous sports;
  • don’t lie flat on your back after the first trimester;
  • wear the right clothes;
  • drink plenty of water;
  • get enough calories;
  • do not overdo.

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