10 minutes recovery plan for hard workers

10 minutes recovery plan you need every Friday

Working hard all week long? Then you need this 10 minutes recovery plan to get back to life and spend a lovely weekend!

Take a deep breath…

Daily stress has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. Drinking too much alcohol on a Friday evening will probably help you forget all the stupid people and situations you faced this week. But what next? We offer you a better way to get back in shape and cheer up.

…and take this 10 minutes recovery plan

  • First of all, when you come back home from work, throw away your smartphone. Because what your body and soul need right now is a warm shower. It will help you to relax, and feel more energized at the same time.
  • Just stop thinking about work. It is not easy, we all know. But try a simple trick: promise yourself to take any decision tomorrow morning.
  • If you can’t stop thinking of your company’s problems, remember about an anti-stress power of creativity. No matter what you do, from painting to cooking a delicious dinner, you will feel much better right from the start.
  • Learn basic breathing exercises. Or try meditation. Or yoga. Any of these helps to relieve stress, and to concentrate. For example, read about breathing techniques here.
  • When we feel exhausted, we often open refrigerators for snacks. So, there should be healthy ones, like seasonal vegetables and fruits, or nuts.
  • Anyway, keep in mind that alcohol cannot treat sadness and fatigue. One or two glasses of wine is all you need, not more.


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