10 signs that you drink too much

10 signs you drink too much: checklist

If you think you have got problems with alcohol, you might be right. But is there an easy way to understand that you really drink too much? We are offering you this 10-step checklist.

In fact, if you answer “yes” to at least three of these questions, you should think of how to deal with your addiction. The more points seem familiar to you, the more serious help you may need. Anyway, do not hesitate to meet your therapist, or your doctor.

So, here are 10 signs you drink too much:

1 – You drink more than you planned

If you regularly promise yourself not to have more than a couple of drinks when going to a party, and then cannot stop, it is time to worry.

2 – You drink more than you did before

One of the symptoms of alcohol abuse is getting used to its effects. So, you need to drink more and more. And there is nothing good in your ability to drink more than others.

Safe amount of alcohol is no more than 14 units a week: it is about one bottle and a half of wine, or five mugs of beer

3 – Hangover affects your everyday life

Of course, sometimes it may happen to anyone. But if you regularly wake up sick in the middle of the week, and have to cancel your meetings, or ask for a day off, that means you drink too much.

4 – Your social life depends on alcohol

If you are not that interested in meeting with your friends without drinking, probably it is time to change some of your habits. Try to fill your calendar with non-alcoholic entertainments.

5 – You feel bad and look worse

While in small amounts alcohol can be beneficial (for example, it may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes), in larger doses it ruins your health. If you drink too much, you may notice fatigue and mood swings. In addition, your skin may look worse and worse because of drinking.

6 – You practically do not drink water

Some people prefer drinking wine instead of water, and it causes dehydration.

7 – You hide alcohol or drink secretly

Drinking alcohol secretly from family and friends is a common symptom of alcohol addiction.

8 – You are afraid that there will be not enough alcohol

If you are always worried about it, then alcohol takes up too much space in your life.

9 – On all the photos you are with a glass

It is sometimes difficult to recognize alcohol abuse even among the closest friends and family members. So, alcoholic drinks on every Instagram photo can be a clue.

10 – You invent alcohol-related rituals

For example, like a glass of champagne “for appetite”. Or a cocktail after work to relax.

However, alcohol dependence is not a threat, at least if you are ready to admit that you drink too much, and to struggle with your addiction

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