30-minute home spa program

30-minute home spa program for winter days

Still feel tired after a holiday break, stressed, and cold? This 30-minute home spa program will certainly bring you back in shape and cheer you up!

30-minute home spa program: simple steps

  • First of all, wash your hair and apply a hair mask or oil you prefer for a while.
  • Fill the bath. Use your favorite bath bomb, or good salt, or oil with energizing or relaxing effect. We are still in love with Lush bathing products.
  • While the bath is filling with water, try a dry brush scrub for your whole body. I your skin is too dry itself, especially in winter, put on some body oil to soften your skin before peeling.
  • Get into a bathtub and just relax listening to your fave music, or enjoying the silence.
  • Then, when you skin is warmed up enough, do more exfoliating for the body and the face, soothe your feet, and put on a cleansing mask on your face. Don’t hurry up!
  • Wash off the hair mask.
  • After drying, apply a nourishing lotion to the whole body, including feet and hands, and put on a bath robe to give it time to absorb into your skin.
  • Meanwhile, take off the face mask, cleanse your face one more time with a good tonic, and apply your favorite nourishing cream.
  • Now go and drink a cup of good tea. It’s time to think of all the happiness awaiting for you in the future!

More tips on your winter at-home spa

  • Instead of using special bath products, just put some sea salt in a bathtub for both toning and relaxing effect.
  • You can use ground coffee and natural sea salt mix for exfoliating.
  • Sometimes pure coconut oil is better than any expensive lotion for nourishing the body.
  • A sliced cucumber is probably the best soothing and relaxing natural therapy for your eyes. Leave it up to 15 minutes.

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