cheater's guide to fast weight loss

Another cheater’s guide to weight loss

Why we are talking about weight loss so often? Because healthy weight is a key to your overall health! So, here is another cheater’s guide to faster and easier weight loss. By the way, here you can calculate your body mass index. Just stay in your optimal weight, and you will feel great!

Cheater’s guide to weight loss: step by step

  • Eat more often. Yes, we said more often. Eating a little every two or three hours helps many of us to stay away from overeating and unhealthy snacking.
  • Cut fats wisely. Your body needs fats, but doesn’t need future heart problems, for example. So, replace obviously bad fats step by step. As an example, skip to 2% milk, or eat beef instead of pork.
  • Keep healthy snacks everywhere you may need them. At home, at your working place, and in your bag, too. What snacks exactly? Try vegetable chips instead of usual ones or french fries, all kinds of nuts, cut fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid liquid calories. First of all, limit all drinks containing sugar. Even fresh fruit juices are worse than fruits! The one and only liquid that is good for your health is still water.

Surround yourself with blue. This color makes us feel full earlier and helps to avoid overeating.

Some more tips on staying fit

This cheater’s guide won’t be full without these simple tricks:

  • Use our favorite apple test before you start dining. You will find it and even more tricks in this article.
  • Cheat your body on cheat days. The cheatiest thing of the cheater’s guide to weight loss is allowing yourself to eat what you want and as much as you want twice a month.
  • Walk. Even if you do not exercise, simple walking or cycling will help you to stay fit.

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