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Another older adults health guide: new habits and more

We are often talking about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, no matter how young or old you are. So, here is another older adults health guide for those who are at least 70 years old. Unfortunately, at this age for many people it is much more complicated to stay active. But our tips should definitely help!

A brief 70 and older adults health guide

In fact, there are few really important things for your well-being as you age: regular health checks, a bit of activity, better diet, and positive way of thinking. Let’s observe them in detail.

Keeping a healthy weight

As you age, your metabolism changes a lot. You are more likely to burn fewer calories, as well as to lose muscle mass and strength. Therefore, it becomes harder to maintain proper weight. On the other hand, being under- or overweight is even more dangerous for older people.

Still, there are easy tips to deal with the problem! To prevent weight gain, switch to foods that are lower in calories, but higher in energy boosting nutrients. Contrary, if you are underweight, don’t hesitate to consume more calories, but only from healthy foods.

For example, for people over 70 years of age it is recommended to eat even more fruits and vegetables, choosing most colored ones, more fresh seafood, whole grains, beans and nuts. At the same time better reduce the consumption of sugar, fats, refined grains and meat. In addition, take supplements, especially those containing vitamin D and calcium.

Staying active

Physical activity is good for your health at every age. But it becomes harder to exercise as you get older, and your body really needs less activity as you age. So, find easier, less potentially harmful ways to stay as fit as possible in your older days.

For example, try yoga (there are plenty of classes specially for older adults), light stretching, or just walking. Always take care of your safety, and consult your doctor before working out too hard.

Being positive

Many older adults may feel lonely or sad. It is much easier to overcome these feelings if your are trying to be good to yourself every single moment. So, please yourself!

Meet other people, maybe join some social group (for example, walking group for older people), get enough sleep, and enjoy your hobby.

Treat what can be treated

The older you get, the more often you need to see your doctor. Don’t skip health checks, and take care of your teeth.

70, 80, 90, 100…

Here are some more tips, picked particularly for this 70 and older adults health guide:

  • try quit smoking, or at least smoke less, if you do;
  • drink less alcohol, if you do;
  • take care of how you look like, even if you are lonely;
  • stay not only physically, but also mentally active;
  • when possible, also try to stay sexually active;
  • if you have any chronic diseases, digestion or other problems, ask your doctor for thorough examination and proper treatment (particularly, pay attention to such tests and exams as regular blood pressure screenings, eye and dental exams, bone mineral density test).

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