antifreeze technique for the body

An antifreeze technique for your body this winter

In addition to other seasonal posts, we offer you an antifreeze technique for the body, based on the winter Olympic sports tips. These easy steps will keep you warm during the cold season.

An antifreeze technique #1: The right clothing

It seems obvious, but the main thing in winter is warm and comfortable clothes. For example, in half-pipe, when it comes to training at sub-zero temperatures, the most important tip is to dress in layers. You may even try putting on layered underwear, if you prefer wearing really tight clothes.

An antifreeze technique #2: Do not stand still

If you feel like you are already freezing, shake your shoulders, and make fast circular motions with your hands, like they are swimming. By the way, any physical activity outdoors will be good both for warming up and for your health in general.

An antifreeze technique #3: Breathe

Many sportsmen practice different yoga breathing techniques. You may be surprised, but proper breathing can even make your feet warmer. Google breathing techniques for warming up.

More tips:
  • Mind the foods. Consider eating more healthy fats, and adding spices.
  • Skip alcohol. Unfortunately, it won’t warm you up, just the opposite.
  • Switch between hot and cold when taking the shower. The first step warms you up, the other improves blood circulation.
  • Stop shivering. In case you cannot relax your muscles, just try to get to the warmer place as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared. Use home devices to keep your house warm without unhealthy humidity changes.
  • Know your risks. Some drugs and certain health conditions can make you feel worse in winter.

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