athlete secrets to steal

Athlete secrets to steal right away

In fact, professional sports have nothing to do with healthy way of living (and we are not mentioning doping at all). Still, there are some athlete secrets to steal right now. We picked most healthy and most easy ones!

Athlete secrets that work even for beginners

  • That diet… and cheat days. Almost all champions are on a low-fat, natural-component, really strict diet. But it won’t work without cheat days!
  • Workout routine. While they spend at least 8 hours a day training, most of us need another athletes secret: regularity. Step by step, gradually you will get those abs!
  • Motivation. You think those abs are less motivating than a medal? Have you ever tried to get them, really?
  • Proper rest. Sportsmen use all the techniques helping to fall and stay asleep. Because they know that a good sleep helps both clear your mind and perform better.
  • And proper pains and aches ease, too. Well, they have all the professionals with all the meds in the world (not mentioning doping again), and what about us? We can use other athletes secrets, like ice for injuries, and hot bath for almost everything else.

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Listen to them!

Ritual secret

Claressa Shields (boxing) thinks it’s all about regularity. She says her dad forced her (we do not appreciate it at all!) to do elevated push-ups before bedtime everyday. Now she still does 15 before bed! In fact, habits and rituals are easier than challenges for most of us.

Circuits secret

April Ross, (beach volleyball) used to pick 3 to 4 exercises, and do 5 reps. Because interval training rocks!

HIIT secret

Paige Selenski (field hockey) loves high-intensity interval training ’cause it’s the best way to burn fat, and increase endurance at the same time.

Recovery secret

Simone Biles (gymnastics) says recovery is the main part of her training routine.

Breakfast secret

Julie Johnston (soccer) prefers having a really good breakfast before the morning run.

Protein secret

Morgan Brian (soccer) tells about protein smoothies. It works even better before workouts, providing more energy for exercising.


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