beauty treatments side effects

Beauty treatments side effects you should be aware of

Most women and many men are doing dozens of beauty procedures in spring, preparing for bikini season. But are all these practices totally safe for our health? Here are some beauty treatments side effects you probably didn’t know about. Understanding potential risks will help protect yourself.

Potential beauty treatments side effects

Laser hair removal

As any laser treatment, it has potential risks. First of all, it is scarring, which is common especially for people with darker skin. Anyway, make sure you see a specialist.

Hair extensions

When not applied correctly, they can lead to serious scalp problems, from hair loss to infections. In addition, chemicals in some extension glues are toxic. For example, 1,4 dioxane and trichloroethylene may damage liver, or kidneys.

Hair straighteners

Chemical ones often contain formaldehyde. So, always ask your stylist for safety data sheet.

Bikini waxes

It’s easy to spread infection while waxing. And, you know, it hurts.

Eyebrow waxes

Repeated waxing may damage hair follicles, and skin.

Manicures and pedicures

As with most beauty treatments side effects, in this case potential risks can be prevented. The main rule is to visit only certified specialists, conscientious about hygiene. Otherwise it could end up with fungal or bacterial infections.

If you prefer gel manicures, you should know that some gels contain dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, UV light used in lamps is carcinogenic. So, better protect your skin. For example, with sunscreen.

As for pedicure, an unsanitary one may lead to viral, bacterial, or fungal infections. Better bring your own tools.

Tanning beds

They lead to premature aging. Besides, people who use tanning beds are at least 50% more likely to develop skin cancer, according to the studies!


Most common side effects of all facial procedures include burned skin and infections.

When having a facial, mind these simple rules:

  • try not to wash or even touch your face until the morning;
  • skip at-home peeling for at least three days;
  • do not go to sauna after facial treatment;
  • most important, stay out of the sun for as long as possible, and always use sunscreen.

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