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Our best health articles from 2016-2017

We have been working for you for more than a year. So, now we would like to share our best health articles, regarding weight loss, working out, preventing most common illnesses, and staying healthy and happy, even when getting older!

Best health articles: diet and weight loss

Are you trying to lose weight, or maintain healthy weight? First of all, think about proper diet. Our tips will help choose the right one, and succeed. In addition, do not skip exercising. Because only burning more calories than you consume makes you stay fit, and look great.

Weight loss strategies that work (and some common mistakes)

Your new metabolism increasing tricks

Weight loss plateau: reasons you are not losing weight (with solutions)

Cheat day rules: the healthiest tricks

Weight loss pills: to take or not to take?

Calorie intake guide for those who care

Weight loss exercises: the bare minimum

Burning calories: the best ways to burn 300, 500 or 700 an hour

Best health articles: activities

Everybody needs to move. Even older people, and pregnant women may pick some kind of physical activity!

Getting a beach body fast: tips and tricks

Workout ideas for fast results: both for men and women

Ways to get fit without a gym

Three exercise twenty minute workout

7-minute workout based on science

Longevity secrets shared by centenarians

10 great pregnancy workout video guides

Fitness myths to forget immediately

Best health articles: preventing illnesses

In fact, you can avoid most illnesses. If not, modern medicine treats them all, when it’s not too late.

Avoiding illnesses: 7 tips to stay well

Routine health checks: how often should you visit your doc?

Cancer prevention guide for everyone

Healthy liver: tips and foods

Thyroid health: good habits and foods

Type 2 diabetes early signs

Prostate health guide: the essentials

At-home medicine guide for healthier life

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