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Calorie intake guide for those who care

Calorie intake is one of the basic things for maintaining a healthy weight. In case you want to lose weight in a healthy way, it is even more important. First of all, what calories are, and how do we know their amount in foods?

How is it calculated?

Any organic substance burns. Therefore we can calculate how much energy it releases when burned. So, they do count it using a special device, or with a chemical method!

The calorie content of many foods is on the nutrition label, often given in kcals (kilocalories), and also in kJ (kilojoules). Commonly we call kilocalories just calories, so 1,000 calories and 1,000kcals is the same.

What’s your calorie intake norm?

Calorie intake depends on your sex, age, activities, state of health, and your goals, of course. Your actual weight also affects how quickly your body burns calories.

To maintain a healthy weight, you need to balance your calorie intake and the amount of calories you burn. If you wanna lose weight, you must use more energy than you consume. In case you need to gain weight, you have to take more than you burn.

An average man needs about 2,500kcal a day, and an average woman needs about 2,000kcal a day.

Online calculators

We picked some good ones for you:

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In conclusion, we are sure that calorie intake counts, but healthy diet in general is much more important for your body and mind!

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