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Extreme diets: do’s and don’ts

Let us guess: you tried to lose weight using extreme diets or certain pills like Clomid at least once. We are in the same boat! Let’s remember… Atkins, Dukan, ITG, Israel Army, Beverly Hills, juice fasting…

You shouldn’t be an MD to admit that most weight loss diets, especially crash ones, are not effective at all. Even if you don’t fail and don’t feel worse, later all the weight you lost comes back to its place.

We rated most popular, most strange and most extreme diets (we’d better say severe ones) among existing low-calorie, very low calorie and, yep, zero-calorie diets and explained how do they work.

Probably not that good

  • Vegetarian diet. There’s still no evidence that it’s perfect for everyone and there are some concerns that it can lead to certain diseases. On the other side, e.g. vegetarian populations have a lower overall mortality rate.
  • Raw food diet. Organic fruits and vegetables, not roasted nuts, seeds, raw beans, purified water… Well, we prefer better living and therefore list it among extreme diets.

Diets we’d not recommend

  • Macrobiotic diet. Although we admire Gwyneth Paltrow, we’re not sure that eating only whole grains and veggies is totally safe. And we are sure that it has nothing to do with any kind of fun. Too strict and boring.
  • Grapefruit diet. Start each meal with half a grapefruit, consume a lot of protein foods and drink plenty of water and coffee. Lose pounds and meet them back when you finish!
  • Strawberry diet. Eating nothing but strawberries for quick weight loss sounds frightening even if you love strawberries. Well, not for Kim Kardashian: she loves extreme diets (and extreme looks as well).
  • Cabbage soup diet. Eat cabbage soup. As much as you wish. But nothing else, literally. It’s obvious that this diet works ’cause you’re cutting down your calorie intake to starvation levels.

Extreme diets we’d never recommend

  • Tapeworm (!) diet is one of the most extreme diets ever. Just imagine that you are swallowing an actual worm (or its egg form, however) that will be eating up all your foods. No, thanks!
  • Stomach balloon is not a diet at all, but it’s too popular among those trying to lose weight. It takes 30 minutes to insert it and half a year to live with it… Isn’t it too close to surgery?

Still wanna try one of these? Better call your doctor. And be ready to listen to him explaining how stupid you are.

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