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Hair loss: all you need to know

Hair loss is a common problem of both men and women. Treatment includes special hair care products, drugs such as Propecia and Rogaine, hair restoration and even more. Let’s talk about healthy hair one more time and observe what can cause hair loss and how to deal with it.

Even celebs do

Keira Knightley’s coming out: regular dyeing for movie roles damaged her hair and caused hair loss, so she had to use wigs! “It got so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head.”

However, after pregnancy and having a child Keira’s hair began to grow back. Now it looks thicker and fuller than ever. Unfortunately, it’s not a common solution.

Hair loss reasons and solutions


What happens? Pregnancy-related hair loss is more common after having a baby rather than during a pregnancy itself. It’s a kind of physical trauma.

What to do? In fact nothing. Your hair will grow back in a couple of months.

Too much vitamin A

What happens? Overtake of vitamin A in food, supplements or drugs can trigger hair loss.

What to do? It is reversible. Decrease vitamin A intake.

Not enough vitamin B

What happens? Opposite, low levels of vitamin B are bad for your hair.

What to do? Take supplements and change your diet. Eat more meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

Lack of protein

What happens? Hair loss can happen about 2 to 3 months after a drop in protein intake.

What to do? Increase protein intake. The best sources of it are meat, fish and eggs. Vegans and vegetarians know proper protein sources too.


What happens? Iron deficiency that causes hair loss is easily diagnosed. The common symptoms are: fatigue, dizziness, pale skin, cold hands and feet, headaches.

What to do? Take a blood test to be sure. Choose a good iron supplement.

When it’s complicated


What happens? Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid hormone, causes hair loss too.

What to do? Take synthetic thyroid medication prescribed by your doctor.

Autoimmune-related hair loss

What happens? So-called alopecia areata is caused by overactive immune system.

What to do? Consult a specialist. Steroid injections and some drugs can help.

Male pattern baldness

What happens? It is caused by a combo of genes and male sex hormones and is very common.

What to do? Creams like minoxidil and oral medications like finasteride may stop hair loss and even cause some hair growth. Sometimes only wigs or surgery can help.


What happens? Female-pattern hair loss, or androgenic / androgenetic alopecia, is a female version of male pattern baldness.

What to do? Minoxidil creams are good for women as well.

Female hormones

What happens? Switching birth-control pills or going off them as well as menopause cause hormonal imbalance and, as a consequence, hair loss.

What to do? Ask your doctor to find an actual reason and the best decision.

When there’s nothing to do

Physical trauma

What happens? E.g. surgery or a car accident may trigger a so-called telogen effluvium. Hair loss can happen about 3 to 6 months after it.

What to do? Nothing. Your hair will start growing back as you recover.


What happens? In fact it doesn’t actually precipitate hair loss.

What to do? Anyway reducing stress is good for you.


What happens? Chemotherapy is like a nuclear bomb both for cancer cells and for hair.

What to do? Hair grows back when the treatment is over.


What happens? It’s a natural process.

What to do? Try new hairstyles or use wigs.

When it’s up to you

Certain drugs

What happens? Hair loss is often caused by the medicines people take. It may be blood thinners, blood-pressure drugs, drugs that contain methotrexate or lithium, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. ibuprofen), some antidepressants and also anabolic steroids.

What to do? The solutions are lowering the dose, switching to another drug or going off it. Consult your doctor.


What happens? This impulse control disorder makes people to compulsively pull their hair out.

What to do? Therapy or / and antidepressants.

Dramatic weight loss

What happens? It can happen if the weight loss itself is stressing your body or as a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

What to do? Commonly hair starts to grow back in 6 months.


What happens? In some cases it affects heir roots that’s too bad!

What to do? Avoid overstyling and heat.

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