hangover remedies that work

Hangover remedies that actually work

Well, in a perfect world no one is drinking at all. But in a real world we all need to know hangover remedies that actually work sometimes. So, gonna party hard on a New Year’s Eve? Here are some tips to recover the next day!

Part I: Partying responsibly

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to avoid hangover. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Eat responsibly. First of all, make sure that you eat something containing carbs, protein, and fat. Do it before you start drinking! Amino acids and group B vitamins help in processing the nasty byproducts of alcohol.
  • Drink water. Before you take the first sip of alcohol, between the drinks, and before you go to bed. Thus you’ll skip dehydration and a headache, too.
  • Sleep well. Because your body really needs more rest on such days. Furthermore, with a good sleep you’ll probably recover without any hangover remedies.
  • Stick with one kind of a drink. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well with champagne, or vodka.

Hangover remedies for those who didn’t read what’s written above

So, you ate nothing, skipped water, tried all the cocktails in the bar, and slept just three hours? Let’s go:

  • Drink. Something non-alcoholic! The best choice is still water, maybe with a splash of lemon juice, or fresh citrus juice. The worst is herbal tea or coffee.
  • Eat. The best hangover remedies among foods are eggs, soups (chicken broth is perfect), and almost all greasy or hot foods. But first of all, make sure your body can handle it.
  • Take pills. If the rest doesn’t work, try your pain medication.
  • Prevent it!

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