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Healthier fast food: better versions of dishes we love

Everyone has got a guilty pleasure. If it’s any of junk food dishes, you can just turn it into healthier fast food! To be honest, even if you cook any ‘junk’ dinner at home using fresh ingredients, it becomes healthier. Here are some tips to magically upgrade foods you love even more.

Better versions of fast food dishes we love


Usual ones are high in fat and calories, and are so huge that you cannot put ’em in your mouth. Since the late 19th century, when the concept itself first appeared, hamburgers and cheeseburgers are still growing fatter and bigger. People put more and more cheese inside, and even more fries nearby. Seems like we should invent bigger plates for burgers.

The better version is smaller and less fatty. If you wanna feel and look better, try to make a perfect burger by yourself. Cook small wholegrain buns, good beef patties, add fresh vegetables (no cheese, please!) and enjoy it! Instead of mayonnaise use natural yogurt with some garlic and dill. Replace french fries with baked sweet potatoes. And don’t do this too often.


We used to eat it crispy and greasy.

Better do it in an oven, replacing ready barbecue sauce with a homemade one. For example mix some honey with chopped garlic, ground red hot and black peppers, and add salt. Yummy!


It has nothing to do with potatoes. Too much salt, too much sodium, too much fat, and artifical flavors.

You can try to dry some in your kitchen oven. Use sliced potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroots, carrots and apples. One of these will become your favorite!

Some more healthier fast food ideas


Even the best recipes are not that healthy. The tastiest versions of the dish are made on lard, meaning too much fat for a person who tries to control weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And batter. And, even more, french fries…

healthier fast food fish and chips

But we can improve fish’n’chips by using less oil and a choosing pan instead of a deep-fry. The fish itself is useful, no matter which one you prefer: cod, haddock, pollock, halibut, flounder, or tilapia. British version with peas as a side dish and a piece of lemon is naturally better then the others. As well as onions, pickles and vinegar on the same plate.


They are fast food icons, yep. However, it’s not an excuse to eat them at all. Take an apple to the baseball game and cook something better (and more tasty) at your summer cookout.

Any fresh sausages from farmers market are healthier fast food choice.

Maybe you’ve got your own tricks and recipes? Tell us!

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