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Healthy living start tips

Everyone knows (or better say thinks so) what is healthy living. You’d probably name good food, enough exercising and regular visits to your clinic and pharmacy. We’re sure: the main thing anyway is your vitality. The first rule of healthy living is:

Your energy indicates if the food eaten was good and exercises made were enough.

Be honest: you wake up already tired, spend at least 8 hours working, try to eat and shower as quickly as possible to settle down watching TV-series until it’s too late to catch a good sleep. From time to time a gym and a plate of fresh strawberries are added to the list, which are meant to make your living healthier. Is it enough? The second rule is:

Nothing is enough for healthy living until it runs regularly!

But it’s impossible to start a brand new life from Monday (we tried!). So let’s change it step by step.

  • Don’t think of getting healthier as a career plan or competition. No one will judge you. No one cares, except your own body.
  • Still it’s better to make a list of goals, from the very first easiest ones (like waking up 5 minutes earlier every week) to the main global thing (like losing 100 pounds) . You’ll be happy to reach them all one by one!
  • In the very beginning decide what will be your special self-present for every goal achieved. No bigmacs and no beer. Maybe a new pair of stylish boots?
  • Don’t fix on doing everything right. Think of how nice it will be to turn into a better living person with much more energy for doing all the things you really want.
  • Consult your doctor, get a good app or just google how much should you sleep. Some need 8 hours, for few people 6 is enough, and you definitely shouldn’t worry if your own standard is 10. Just try to reach it gradually cutting internet navigation or PS4 sessions in the evening.
  • Add healthy foods one by one. You can start with a grapefruit instead of pancakes for breakfast. Or with an egg. Or two eggs. It depends on your actual ration. Anyway don’t worry. Your mind could probably struggle, but your body will adjust sooner you can imagine.
  • Eat when you are hungry.
  • Enjoy your food.
  • Food items are really important: if you sleep well and eat well, it will be much easier to exercise. Anyway choose the right kind of physical activity, comfortable and pleasant. Some prefer morning yoga, others running in the evening, many people cannot do without a personal coach at the gym. Those who think they are non-athletic just didn’t find the right activity.

It’s unbelievable, but following these simple steps you’ll start living healthy and, even more important, full live. First think of it. Just think. Than imagine. Than start. Let’s change things together!

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