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Healthy travel tips

Used to travel a lot, but still don’t know how to deal with jet lag? Hate those breaks in your exercise and diet routine? Here are some healthy travel tips to put it all in order.

Common healthy travel tips

  • Explore the place before you take off. Do some internet research to find the main must-see places (because it’s good for your nerves), healthy food markets (good for your diet) and nearby gyms (good for your body).
  • Your journey is not an excuse to party as hard as you can. Otherwise you’ll definitely need a vacation from vacation.
  • Postpone your trip if you’re ill. And don’t forget to pack your prescribed pills.
  • Be careful with extreme sports. A bit of adrenaline isn’t worth your whole life.
  • Move. Sightseeing is the best way to. Take a walk instead of taking a taxi.
  • Don’t stop exercising if there’s an opportunity. Even short workouts are good for staying fit. There’s a gym in your hotel or nearby? Perfect!
  • Use sunscreen. Always and everywhere.
  • Protect your skin even more and drink as much water as you can on a plane. As result you’ll feel better and look better.

Better sleep

  • Don’t force yourself to fall asleep (as well as to wake up) exactly by local time. At least in the beginning of your vacation.
  • Stick to “home-schedule” on short-term travel.
  • Healthy travel is not about taking sleeping pills or drinking liters of coffee. Therefore consult your doctor about any drugs before buying and taking them. In addition try to limit caffeine intake.
  • Consider taking your favorite pillow with you if needed.

Better eat

  • Pack some healthy snacks in order not to eat junk food on your way.
  • Be careful and selective about food and water on arrival.
  • Choose most natural foods of what the place you visit offers.
  • Drink more water. Especially when you walk a lot.

Bon voyage!

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