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Heart health tips: the essential guide

Perhaps, one of the first facts that we learn in childhood about the human body is that our life depends on heart health. In other words, as long as it beats, we exist. But how to take care of the heart? What to do if the chest hurts?

How does the heart ache?

Heart disease is the first thing that comes to mind as soon as pain appears on the left side, or in the center of the chest. In fact, it may also be a sign of neuralgia, lung diseases, or even panic attack. Anyway, better get urgent medical help.

The typical pain that indicates problems with the heart health is a burning, pressing pain behind the sternum, which does not change, no matter how you try to slow down or speed up your breathing or stretch your muscles. In the chest there is a feeling of the load, or burning and squeezing from the inside.

Sometimes the pain radiates to another area. For example, you may feel it under the shoulder blade, in the shoulder, in the stomach, or even in your fingers.

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Another common problem with the heart is arrhythmia, or a rhythm disturbance. There are many types of it, and only a survey will help determine the real danger. Also, arrhythmia itself can be a symptom of various diseases.

According to WHO, the most frequent cause of death in the world is coronary heart disease.

Should we be afraid of heart problems?

In fact, not every heart problem is fatal. On the other hand, ignoring symptoms is dangerous. So, get regular heart health checks to know if you are likely to develop ischemic disease, or heart attack. In severe cases, only surgery will save and prolong life. Anyway, prevention is always better than treatment.

So, what can we do for better heart health?

Heart health involves attention to your health in general.

7 tips for heart health to start with:

  • maintain healthy weight

  • mind what you eat

  • stay active

  • manage blood pressure

  • control cholesterol

  • reduce blood sugar

  • stop smoking

One of the main things is to stop smoking. First of all, because smoking is one of the main causes of coronary heart disease (CHD).

In addition, it is a good idea to make up the genealogical tree of diseases. Thus, you can prevent what is not always evident in medical research.

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