holiday overeating

Holiday overeating and how to handle it

Awaiting Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year? Better think of holiday overeating. In fact, it’s not that bad if you are moderate, more or less. We’ve got some tricks that will help you to be fine during the holiday season. But first, let’s observe…

…what happens to your body at holiday dinner party?

  • Within minutes your brain gets pleasure signals from your body. And wants more.
  • Within 30 minutes your insulin levels change. Overeating affects your blood vessels, too.
  • In an hour your stomach seems stretched like a balloon.
  • Later, fortunately, your liver converts food into nutrients. What happens next, depends mostly on you.
  • Tomorrow you can get back to your normal living and even have a light workout.

Is it possible to avoid holiday overeating?

There are some tips!

  • Save calories and stomach space for the foods you love. Eat what you want to, not what’s closer to you on the table.
  • Mind your portions. At least try to start with smaller ones.
  • Add fruits and vegetables. Try filling half of your plate with them at each meal.
  • Drink more. No, we don’t mean cocktails or shots. Start a party with a glass of juice, and drink some water after every alcohol drink.
  • Limit liquid calories. Alcoholic drinks and soda are full of empty calories you don’t need at all.
  • Lie politely to your host. Say that fat dish looks delicious, but you’ve just eaten, then wrap it up for later.
  • Recover wisely. Eat a normal breakfast the next morning, and drink more water all day long.
  • Store leftovers out of sight. Store foods left after the party in the freezer.
  • Eat healthy the rest of the time. Thus you’ll feel fine even after holiday overeating.
  • Don’t skip your exercise routine. Lower your normal activity if needed, but don’t skip more than too days of exercising.
  • Don’t feel guilty. If you overate, do not feel guilty. You are able to move on with a healthy lifestyle!


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