child safety guide for holidays

Holidays: child safety guide for parents

Parenting is awesome, but sometimes hard. So, if you are trying to be a better one, here’s a child safety guide for winter holidays to keep your little treasures healthy and protected.

Child safety guide for winter holidays

The X-mas tree

  • Skip bubble lights. Because methylene chloride used in them is highly poisonous if swallowed, inhaled, or if it just touches skin.
  • Put the glass higher. Your child will appreciate these shiny tinsel and sparkly ornaments later.
  • Mind the batteries. Make sure that children can’t touch or swallow them.

You can find more tips on child proofing your Christmas tree here.

The party

  • Keep your drinks out of reach of children. Alcohol is extremely dangerous for children.
  • Think of smarter snacks. Party foods like popcorn and peanuts are small enough for kids to choke on.

Traveling smart

  • Ask for proper sleeping arrangements. Anyway, tell your host that you are traveling with a child in advance. Some hotel rooms and apartments are not made for that.
  • Plan what to eat. Maybe you’ll have to take something with you.
  • Grab a toy. Your child’s favorite toy will help all of you!

Common tips

Dressing up

  • Think layers. Also make sure that head, neck and hands of a child are covered.
  • Check clothes. Children can continue playing outside even if they are wet, or cold.

Going outside

  • Use sunscreen. We all are under risk of getting sunburned in the winter, too.
  • Get equipped well. Put on your children helmets, for example when when snowboarding, or skiing.


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