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Juicing health benefits and risks (and recipes!)

In fact, juicing is not healthier than eating whole vegetables and fruits. Still, it is extremely popular for weight loss, and there are certain juicing health benefits we cannot ignore. This brief guide will help those who are ready to start juicing. In addition, we have some great recipes!

Juicing health benefits

First of all, juicing may be a good choice for those who just do not like fresh fruits and veggies, the best source of vitamins ever. Moreover, different juices can make your diet more smart and less boring.

Need more juicing health benefits? Here they come:

  • Getting more vitamins and minerals. Still, it is better to combine juices with fresh veggies and fruits in your diet.
  • Boosting your immune system. Most of all, due to vitamins.
  • Increasing energy. For the same reason, not because of the juice itself.
  • Losing weight. Certainly, only if you are not eating cakes after drinking your fresh juice.
  • Preventing cancer and heart disease. Because plant-based diet is linked to lower risk of them.

Juicing health risks

On the other hand, there are some risks, too. Mind these tips:

  • Watch the calories. You may consume too many calories, especially if you prefer fruit juices. So, better make vegetables juices, and add fruit just for flavor. No one wants to gain weight instead of staying fit, right?
  • Add fiber. Because it is good for your health, and it is lost during juicing. For example, add some pulp back into the juice, or use it later while cooking.
  • And protein. For example, a bit of natural yogurt, or a splash of almond milk. Thus your juice will be much more balanced, and you will not lose muscle mass.
  • Check your drugs list. Some prescription drugs may interact with juicing in a negative way.
  • Make as much as you can drink immediately. The reason is fresh squeezed juice quickly develops harmful bacteria.

Good ideas for juice lovers

Here are some ideas of fruit and vegetable combinations for healthy and tasty juices. Almost all of them contain just about 150 calories! And you may invent tons of your own recipes!


Ingredients: kale, cucumber, green grapes, and an apple (for example, Granny Smith).

Benefits: it provides you with iron, that is good for muscles and blood cells, and with vitamin K, a must for bones and blood.

Vitamin bomb

Ingredients: grapefruit, oranges, kiwis.

Benefits: it covers your daily vitamin C needs.

The greatest taste of green

Ingredients: spinach, celery, ginger root, an apple, an orange and a lemon (both peeled).

Benefits: rich in vitamins and minerals, due to citrus fruits it is much tastier than other green juices.

Antioxidant miracle

Ingredients: blueberries, strawberries and mango.

Benefits: antioxidants in berries have anti-aging effect.

Detoxing and cleaning

Ingredients: ginger root, beetroot, carrots, an apple.

Benefits: good for digestion, while ginger calms your stomach.

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