healthy vacation tips

Just a perfect rest: healthy vacation tips

Hope our healthy vacation tips will help you spend the rest of this summer with the maximum benefit for your health. No matter where you go, you should come back home happier and healthier!

First of all, get a first-aid kit: maybe an anti-inflammatory medicine, an antiseptic, a remedy for diarrhea (especially if you are visiting exotic places), and any drugs that you constantly take. Often, it also makes sense to take a course of vaccination before the trip.

Healthy vacation tips A to Z

  • Mind the time zone change. For example, you might appreciate taking melatonin sleep aid to cope with jet-lag and normalize your daily cycles.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Well, everybody knows that. Still, many get sun-burnt on the first day of vacation, forgetting to take a sunscreen for a walk, or on the last day, when it seems that the skin has become accustomed to the sun.
  • Move on. As you know, the best rest is a change of activity. Moreover, long walks are an excellent cardio. And you will surely love walking along the streets of the new city, or hiking, or just playing beach volleyball.
  • Relax and sleep. Listen to your body, and give it what it needs. Probably, it will be a good sleep. Why not? Also, do not forget about relaxation which can include meditation, yoga or stretching.
  • Stay away from the web. Of course, you should notify your relatives and friends that you flew to your destination. But the rest of the time Internet is completely unnecessary. Maybe better try local cuisine?
  • Do not overdo with the baggage. Try to reduce the amount of things in your suitcase at least twice. Seems like you won’t need all the shoes you own on vacation.
  • Take care of your intimate health. Particularly, we mean taking contraception means with you, just in case…

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