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Kids’ healthy living: developing good habits

The easiest way to develop healthy habits in children is to become a role model for them. So kids’ healthy living depends on you. Start right from the birth! Already failed? There are still some ways to make things better. First of all, try to… become a role model, lol.

Then encourage your kids to eat healthy foods instead of french fries. Seems like you don’t need to force ’em to be active, because physical activity is natural for younger ones. Good news, right?

Kids’ healthy living tips

Be positive. Don’t tell what your son or daughter cannot do. Tell what he or she can do instead. Reward your kids for every single success.

Keep it fun. As a result your child will never feel forced to do the right things. And never feel bored too.

Be active all together. Even if you have different working schedules with your partner, plan some time for family walks, hiking, cycling, swimming or just playing active games outside.

Limit unhealthy activities. Your kids’ healthy living plan could be totally ruined by TV and video gaming. Normal screen time for children is about 2 hours a day.

Adjust to your kids’ needs when choosing physical activities. Try different sports until your child decides what he or she loves.

Eat together. Dinnertime should be a family time. It’s a good chance to talk, but also the best way to develop healthy eating habits.

Advanced parents’ guide to kids’ healthy living

Read food labels all together. It could become a kind of a funny game, in addition teaching your children to be more conscious of what they eat.

Involve them in any family activity. Ask your children to help you while grocery shopping, cooking, keeping up the house.

Encourage your kids in a positive way. More screen time or another burger as a reward is obviously a bad choice.

Be patient and enjoy having kids!

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