mental health day 2016

Mental health day that will last

World mental health day reminds us of mental illnesses and mental health problems… once a year. Here are some tips to stay healthy all year long!

Common mental health problems

  • Anxiety. It often goes with irregular heartbeat and sweating, as well as insomnia and lack of concentration. In most cases treatment is easy: just relax, exercise, eat healthy food, avoid alcohol, and talk to your family and friends.
  • Anorexia. You can notice that you suffer from this eating disorder not only by detecting extreme weight loss. Many people also loose sexual interest and potency, gain stomach pains, and low blood pressure. The cure is psychotherapy.
  • Bipolar disorder. About 1 in every 100 adults suffer from mood swings that are more than just mood swings. Increased energy and unrealistic beliefs are followed by severe depression and suicide thoughts. The treatment usually consists of medications and psychotherapy. It may last a lifetime.
  • Depression. It can happen to anyone. Fortunately, it is quite easily treated with a combination of therapy and anti-depressants. Always choose drugs prescribed by a professional!
  • Panic attacks. This sudden and intense sensation of fear commonly includes rapid breathing or feeling breathless, sweating, shivering or shaking. Those who regularly experience panic attacks finally learn to overcome it. You can also try talking treatments.

Keep in mind that this list of disorders isn’t full!

Mental health checks and treatments

Remember that among mental health problems there are such serious illnesses, affecting your whole life, as autistic spectrum disorders, psychosis, and  schizophrenia. All kinds if addictions, including drugs and alcohol ones, or gambling, are considered to be harmful to your mental health, too.

Common mental health problems’ treatment may include both medications and psychotherapy.

You can ask your doctor about mental health problems you think you have during your annual health check. Or you can test yourself here. Anyway, if you notice that something’s going wrong, never ignore the symptoms!

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