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New health data: three surprising news

New health data arrives daily, and some news change our approach to a healthy lifestyle. Decades changed our attitude to smoking, healthy eating, proper exercising, and treatment methods, of course. Today we are sharing some fresh information!

New health data: the more you sleep, the more attractive you are for others

Swedish scientists found out that the quality of sleep affects socialization. According to their study, people do not like those who sleep less, and therefore feel tired.

During the experiment, people saw two photos of the same person, one taken after two sleepless nights, another after two nights of good sleep. They had to determine whether the person in the picture is asleep or not, and to pick the one to better communicate with.

So, it turned out that people want to meet those who look drowsy much less. In addition, the participants easily guessed which photo was taken after a good or a bad sleep.

The authors of the study believe that people who have less sleep look less healthy. Probably, this communication bug may be caused by evolutionary mechanisms, because nature suggests choosing an energetic and healthy partner.

New health data: the more you swear, the easier it is to exercise

Psychologists have just proven that swear words improve your results in sports, because swearing helps to cope with physical stress.

The study involved two groups of young people. One group had to swear before and during workouts, the other spoke only neutral words while training. It turned out that swearing significantly improves the result!

The authors of the study cannot yet name the cause of this phenomenon.

New health data: scientists confirmed that most people need gluten

Experts from the US proved that gluten-free diet does not protect against cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, most people need gluten!

American researchers insist that gluten-free diet can be harmful for people who do not suffer from celiac disease. The reason is this diet reduces the consumption of whole grains, that are extremely important for healthy nutrition.

At the same time, seems there are no benefits of gluten-free diet as a protection against cardiovascular disease. After examining the medical data of more than 100,000 patients, scientists have not found any connection between gluten consumption and cardiovascular disease mortality.

Wanna learn more about gluten? Read this!

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