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Online pharmacies: what should you know before you shop

More and more people are buying medicines and supplements online. Unfortunately, there are potential dangers of buying prescription drugs on internet. Therefore, we are offering you this short online pharmacies guide.

Online pharmacies guide

  • Online pharmacies should be┬álicensed and authorized, as well as all the drugs sold there. So, check the information provided by a pharmacy.
  • Patients taking prescription drugs without being examined and monitored by a professional doctor are always at a higher risk. Therefore, meet your health care provider first.
  • Remember about possible drug interactions or harmful side effects. Read the labels.
  • Many online drugstores sell generic drugs instead of original ones. Think twice before choosing the medication you need.
  • The priced may differ a lot in different pharmacies online. So, better compare prices first.

We strongly recommend that you only buy drugs and supplements from safe websites.

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