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Routine health checks: how often should you visit your doc?

Most of us neglect regular health checks and immunization. And we’ve got excuses! For example, Danish researchers found that routine health checks don’t reduce morbidity or mortality.

On the other side, only regular visits to your doctor can help to indicate a problem before it’s too late. The regularity of such check-ups and the exact list of tests and exams depend on your age, family history, health and the way of living in general.

Guess you’d rather be healthy and alive as long as possible. So here are some recommendations on routine health checks.

To-do before health checks

  • Try to remember the last time. If you cannot, the time has come!
  • Review your family health history. Genetics is merciless.
  • Review your immunization and screening history. Maybe it’s time for vaccination or cancer screening.
  • Write down every sign that could be a symptom. It can help to prevent a real tragedy.
  • Write down all the questions you’ve got to ask the doc. Sometimes specialists are much better than internet advisers, LOL.

Regularity of health checks


  • weight check (well, skip this if you do it daily);
  • blood pressure check-up;
  • heart exam;
  • skin exam;
  • dentist check-up;
  • STD / STI test (even if you can’t remember when you had sex last time);
  • mammogram (for women over 40).

You may also need:

  • cholesterol level check-up;
  • blood sugar test;
  • lung exam;
  • vaccination;
  • abdominal exam;
  • neurological exam;
  • testicular and prostate exam (men only);
  • pelvic exam (girls only);
  • HIV / AIDS test.

Every 3 to 5 years:

  • pap smear, a test used to detect potentially pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the cervix.

It’s obvious that children, pregnant women, older people and patients with serious diseases should see a doctor more often.

In conclusion we’d mention that annual health checks are not that necessary for healthy people. However, it’s much easier to stay healthy if you remember how your doctor looks like. In addition, regular physical exams could prevent serious diseases. Therefore give it a try.

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