separate nutrition myths

Separate nutrition myths: what’s wrong with this diet

Separate nutrition myths are innumerable. But what about any real basis for the theory of separate eating? Can we still combine carbohydrates with fats?

Who invented the theory of separate nutrition?

One of the nutrition theorists, Herbert Shelton, at the beginning of the last century came up with a complex system of combining products. First of all, he divided all the foods into seven categories: proteins, starchy foods, fats, so-called acidic fruits, semi-acidic fruits, non-starchy and green vegetables, and melons.

In fact, Shelton believed that digestive enzymes (proteins responsible for digesting food) work most effectively with only one category of foods at a time. Also, he insisted that the body cannot absorb some combinations of products. Moreover, he thought they can even lead to illnesses.

By the way, Shelton did not have medical education. Once he was even imprisoned for medical practice without a license.

Another one, surgeon William Hay, developed a diet dividing the food into three categories: acidic fruit and acid, acid proteins, and alkaline carbohydrates. According to his theory, it is necessary to limit acid products, and to eat mostly alkaline foods. Why? Because they neutralize the negative effects of “acidification” of the body.

In addition, almost all separate models prescribe the refusal of drinking water while eating. The reason is water interferes with digestion. And it is one of the most popular separate nutrition myths.

What are most common separate nutrition myths?

Although at first glance such theories look like scientific, in fact they have nothing to do with biology and chemistry. For example, the effectiveness of enzymes that take part in digestion process really depends on many factors. And definitely not only on pH (the level of acidity).

According to the theory, when we combine certain classes of foods, the digestion process stops. So, the food “rots” in the body, causing it harm.

In fact, eating does not lead to any “acidification” or “alkalization” of the body. Moreover, our body is adapted to digest and assimilate any combination of products.

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