how smartphones affect our health

How smartphones affect our health

We need to follow a natural cycle of sleep and wake to feel healthy and full of energy. Smartphones affect our health for various reasons. But should we worry?

Spoiler alert: smartphones affect our health in a negative way

Let’s observe how our favorite devices affect the body and the brain.

Sleeping disorders

When you look at the screen of your smartphone in the dark, your brain starts thinking it’s daytime. The light from the device has the same effect as the morning sun. It causes the brain to stop production of melatonin, a hormone that affects the quality of sleep. Even if the body is tired and needs rest.

The accumulation of toxins

Melatonin deficiency has another scary effect on humans. During the day the body accumulates neurotoxins, and gets rid of them during the long phase of sleep. So, the lack of melatonin leads to the accumulation of toxins. This, in turn, causes fatigue, stress, and headaches.

Problems while studying

The first reason for that is the lack of sleep, too. The less we sleep, the more complicated it is to get and process new information for our brain.

Memory problems

Furthermore, it becomes harder and harder to remember the old information. Keep in mind that smartphones affect our health in another tricky way: we know we can google anything anytime, so our brain has no need to work on remembering.


The lack of melatonin may also lead to weight gain. While the body is tired, and the brain is awake, we seem to need additional energy. What’s the source of it? Food!

Impaired vision

Your mom probably told you this. Blue light from the TV, a tablet or your smartphone really affects your vision. In the dark it harms your eyesight even more.

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Is there any way to deal with it? Stop using gadgets at least 2 hours before bedtime. Your brain will be thankful!

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