hate sports lazy man

Sports for those who… hate sports

You don’t even have to be lazy to hate sports. It’s like in a relationship: maybe you just didn’t meet the right one yet. We’ll show you how to get engaged, regardless of how much you hate sports.

Hate sports? DNA to blame!

There’s a scientific evidence that physical activities’ addiction could be related to genes: read this recent study published in The Journal of Physiology. So if you are unlucky to have these ‘hate sports’ genes, follow these advice.

Force yourself once. To start.

Make a routine. It’s not an act of bravery, it’s just regular workouts.

Never blame yourself. For taking a break and for hatred too.

Don’t blame your laziness either. Develop a plan to overcome laziness instead.

Try different sports. Choose the right kind of activity that fits you.

Choosing the one

Running. Many people think that running is the one and only solution for all their health and weight problems. Let’s be honest: jogging is so popular partly because it requires little or no investment. Therefore you can give it a try.

Walking. With a dog, for good sights or catching Pokemons. Walks are sports too!

Yoga. Find a good coach, and you won’t imagine your life without these moves.

Home workouts. Some people hate training in groups. There are plenty of videos to get started.

Gym workouts. Others need people all around, otherwise they are not motivated. Well, then go get your ass to the nearest gym!

Team sports. Ask your friends, maybe some of them are willing to play hockey all together?

Boxing. If you hate sports, kick your hatred, literally.

Dancing. Why not?

Doing it better

Think of further achievements. Doing several more push-ups or running 1 km more will make you feel like an Olympics winner. Motivation does miracles.

Do not overdo.You are a beginner, so act like a beginner.

Give yourself a week. Just one week for every single sport you try. Finally you’ll be unable to quit one of ’em.

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