summer weightloss meals

Summer weightloss meals: some inspiring ideas

Fortunately, it is really much easier to eat healthier and lighter foods when it is hot outside. Still, we picked some ideas of summer weightloss meals for those who need inspiration. These foods are refreshing, full of vitamins and minerals, and also good for your body and your health in general. In addition, they do not require spending too much time in the kitchen.

Summer weightloss meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes

Breakfast ideas

Try these energizing recipes:

Lunch ideas

Any of these meals is good for a picnic, too:

Dinner ideas

These dishes are good enough even for a party:

Summer weightloss meals: healthy snack ideas

Light snacks for the beach

These summer weightloss meals will help you to stay hydrated enough even if you spend all day at the shore. Furthermore, you will feel full of energy all day long.

  • Watermelon. It contains about 92 percent of water, and it is low in calories.
  • Pineapple. Also low in calories, in addition it contains a digestive enzyme which can help reduce gas, thus looking instantly better in your bikini.
  • Leafy salad. Consider adding cucumbers, tomatoes, and seeds. Also you may add some chicken or turkey meat for proteins.
  • Fresh juice. Make a fruit or vegetable one, or mix both fruits and veggies. But keep in mind it is better to keep it in a fridge.
  • Water. Take at least one bottle per person. Or try coconut water, that is delicious, but also rich in potassium.

High-energy snacks for outdoor activities

When you go hiking, or playing badminton, you need more energy. These summer weightloss meals work perfectly. And do not forget to grab water!

  • Protein bars. But choose the healthiest ones, paying attention to the amount of sugar added.
  • Nuts. If you are losing weight, do not overeat.
  • Dried fruit. Not too high in calories, they provide you with energy.

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