supplements benefits and risks

Supplements benefits and risks for your health

Multivitamins and all kinds of supplements are really popular. But what about pros and cons of taking them? Here is the list of supplements benefits and risks to help you make your own decision, to take or not to take.

Supplements benefits

  • They provide vitamins and minerals when the diet is not balanced enough. Actually, the diet of an average person is not balanced at all. So, multivitamin supplements are the easiest way to adjust it.
  • Supplements may help people with specific nutrition needs. For example, vitamin C found mainly in acidic foods cannot be eaten by people with digestive problems. In addition, supplements may help vegetarians and vegans to get all they need.
  • Vitamins and minerals in supplements are much easier to store. Moreover, they can be stored longer than those in ordinary food.

Supplements risks

  • The needs of each person in minerals and vitamins are individual. Therefore, there is a risk to get too much, or not enough.
  • It is definitely better to get all you need naturally, from foods. No comment.

So, are supplements safe?

Anyway, it is unsafe to take vitamins in supplements daily, month after month, without having a brake. In addition, you should always follow instructions and doctor’s advice, just like when you take real drugs.

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