Those two liters of water per day

Those two liters of water per day

Do we really need to drink those 2 liters of water per day?¬†Nutritionists and media were shouting out loud that we do. As always, the truth lies somewhere… well, nearby.

“In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas”

Everyone’s quoting only the first part of the phrase meaning “In wine there is truth, in water there is health”. Probably drinking enough water really makes us healthier and better looking. The lack of water,¬†conversely, leads to dehydration which could be even deadly dangerous in some cases.

Let’s observe what we really need to know.

Water facts: true or false

    • There’s not enough water in food. Most foods do not consist mainly of water. But you are not likely to die of dehydration anyway. Your food normally contains about 20% of the daily fluid standards.Therefore it is enough to drink water when you feel thirsty.
    • Our brain doesn’t know the difference between thirst and hunger. First of all, it’s not that stupid. Real hunger is a result of lack of nutrients and glucose. So you cannot cheat when it happens.

2 L of water per day are equal for all

In fact it is just a random number based on nothing. The real amount of water needed depends on your body, physical activity, diet, illnesses, temperature outside and many other factors.

  • You need to drink a lot while exercising. True. But don’t forget there’s also such a thing as hyperhydration. “Due to the large amount of water you drink the blood sodium level falls, – explains Mitchell Rosner, professor of the University of Virginia (USA), – so listen to your body and drink only when you feel thirsty”. Do not trust your instincts? Then weigh before and after exercise and drink half a liter of water for every pound lost.

High-water-content foods

  • Cucumbers – about 97%
  • Iceberg lettuce – about 96%
  • Celery and radish – about 95%
  • Tomatoes and green peppers – about 94%
  • Cauliflower – about 93%
  • Watermelon – about 91%
  • Spinach and strawberries – up to 91%


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