type 2 diabetes symptoms

Type 2 diabetes early signs

This type of diabetes can strike anyone. So, if you notice these type 2 diabetes early signs, plan a visit to your doctor immediately!

A brief overview

In this case blood sugar levels rise because the body cannot use insulin properly. As a result, when your blood glucose level is too high, you get serious health problems. For example, diabetes may cause hypertension, kidney disease, or heart attack.

While among the main causes of type 2 diabetes is just having a family history of the disease, there are also other ones. First of all, you are more likely to get it if you are older than 45, or if you have an excess weight.

Most known signs of diabetes are a constant thirst, a frequent need to pee, and sudden weight gain or loss. But many people with the second type never guess they are sick until it’s too late, or until a blood test shows abnormal blood sugar levels.

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Type 2 diabetes early symptoms

Maybe some of these early signs seem a bit strange, but you should mind them:

  • Skin discoloration. A dark discoloration on the back of your neck is usually a sign of insulin resistance. Just ask your health care provider for a blood test!
  • Hearing or vision loss. Elevated blood sugar levels may cause blurry or impaired vision, as well as impaired hearing.
  • Periodontitis, or so-called gum disease. If you have inflamed or infected gums, it also may be an early sign of type 2 diabetes.
  • Strange sensations in your feet. Like electric tingling, or decreased sensation, or decreased balance. Fortunately, in most cases the reason is your high heels, ladies.
  • Long daytime naps. Especially if they last longer than an hour. It can be a warning sign of depression, sleep deprivation, or sleep apnea, which are associated with an increased risk of diabetes.

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