most useful seasonal products

Most useful seasonal products this fall

We will miss you, summer! Anyway, life goes on, and we picked most useful seasonal products for autumn. Do not miss these foods helping to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. They will provide you maximum taste and benefits. Moreover, the prices are moderate right now!

Top-6 useful seasonal products for fall


In fact, it seems impossible to miss it. Every autumn pumpkin soup and pie are served all over the world, and then comes Halloween. You may also bake it, or dry pumpkin seeds to add them to salads, or just use as a healthy snack.


Beetroots are definitely healthy, but also really tasty. Try it raw (for example, in salads, or in mixed juices), baked, or boiled. In addition, you may serve it  marinated as a side dish.


Eat them fried, or baked, and leave some dried and frozen for the winter.


Well, fennel is perfect for the season when there is a lack of fresh greens. It is high in vitamins and minerals, but also in protein. Eat it cooked, or just fresh.


This root vegetable is a perfect ingredient for soups, and an excellent side dish to serve with baked meat. But keep in mind that its leaves may be toxic for humans. So, use only the root itself!


Eat fresh berries, make some juice, yummy sauce for meats, or bake a healthy (and not too high in calories) pie.

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Now it’s time to settle in with warming and comforting healthy recipes. They are bursting with the fresh flavors we really love this time of year. Sweet potatoes, beetroots, mushrooms, apples, cinnamon… Here you will find something to satisfy your autumnal cravings:

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