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Vitamin supplements guide for dummies: 5 FAQ

In autumn many of us think of taking additional vitamin supplements. But do we really need them? In this brief guide we tried to answer most frequently asked questions concerning vitamins we get from pills, not from natural foods.

Do you really need vitamin supplements, especially during cold season?

Although vitamins contribute to the most important chemical reactions, and we need them all year round, there is no evidence of seasonal lack of vitamins. In most cases it is enough to eat a variety of foods, and you can find them all in stores.

Then, who needs them?

For example, people living in northern regions may consider taking vitamin supplements because of the lack of vitamin D. Also, postmenopausal women usually need more vitamin D, better combined with calcium. In addition, pregnant women, vegetarians and vegans, alcohol addicts and patients with certain chronic diseases (the last two may need B group vitamin supplements) must think of consuming extra vitamins.

What about fortified foods?

In fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating well is enough. Still, in case of really serious limitations in the diet, ask your doctor which vitamin supplements will be good for you, and find some good fortified foods. Vitamins are added to breakfast cereals, juices, bars, and many other foods.

Don’t storage and cooking kill natural vitamins?

Well, water-soluble vitamins (C and B) pass through processing and long-term storage worse than fat-soluble vitamins (K, A, D and E). Unfortunately, exposure to light, oxygen, or high temperatures may cause the loss of nutrient in many foods. So, the best way to preserve vitamins is to freeze vegetables and fruits. Also, read this guide to cook vegetables in the healthiest way!

Do organic foods contain more vitamins?

Unfortunately, there is still no proof that organic foods are healthier. On the other hand, they won’t harm you.

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