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Waking up for healthier living: make every morning good!

In fact, waking up is easy when your lifestyle is healthy. Still, you may need some additional tips and tricks to cheer up and instantly feel better every single day. So, we picked these simple rules to follow. No more morning lethargy and apathy!

Waking up: 6 tips

  • Do not delay the alarm. Ten additional minutes in bed will not be good for you anyway. In addition, seems like then we often plunge into a deeper phase of sleep, which means starting the day will be even more difficult.
  • Try sleeping trackers. Apps or special gadgets will help wake up rested in the right phase of sleep. Due to motion sensors, they determine the most comfortable time for waking up.
  • Walk around. Because according to studies in the morning you need to stay on your feet just for nine minutes not to feel so sleepy. So, walk around, take a shower, and make yourself coffee or tea.
  • Drink water. Restoring the water balance just after waking up helps the body receive the necessary vitality and energy.
  • Move. In fact, you do not need a hard workout in the morning (still, you can exercise really hard, if you wish, and if you are able to). Even several yoga moves will be enough to feel much better.
  • Eat wisely. That means a good breakfast rich in proteins, without overeating.

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The right (and really fast) breakfast

Here are some ideas:

  • Oatmeal. Boil some oatmeal flakes, and add a bit of honey, nuts and dried fruit.
  • Cottage cheese. Mix cottage cheese with honey, fruit, or berries. Otherwise, try it with greens.
  • Toasts. Try a pan or a toaster. But choose wholegrain bread, and do not overdo with peanut butter.
  • Eggs. Because properly boiled egg is a perfect source of proteins after waking up.
  • Smoothie. Fruit or vegetable smoothies is the perfect choice for those who do not feel hungry early in the morning.

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