weight loss strategies that work

Weight loss strategies that work (and some common mistakes)

After winter holidays we’d like to remind you of the best weight loss strategies that will help you to achieve the weight desired in the healthiest way.

Weight loss strategies that really work

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general. Sounds boring, but does miracles. Thus you won’t even think of dieting, and won’t have to worry about every piece of chocolate you wanna eat.
  • Balancing calorie intake and output. If you always feel hungry, don’t starve. Eat as much as you want. Just mind the simple rule: the more food — the more exercise.
  • Using your skinny jeans instead of a body weight scale. Try them on every Friday morning. First of all, size means more than weight. On the other hand, you will not feel nervous measuring your weight daily.

use skinny jeans not body weight scale

Illustration by Bartosz Kosowski / Behance.net

Some secrets you may try

Along with these weight loss strategies, try these tips:

  • Sip green tea. You can drink three to five cups daily.
  • Start with greens. Not just because vegetables are good. Eating them at the beginning of every meal also helps to cut on calories.
  • Have a cheat day. Schedule it, and feel free to eat whatever you want.

Have you ever heard of an apple test? The thing is that if you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, you are not hungry at all. If you love apples, try this with another fruit or vegetable. What about carrots?

Common mistakes to avoid

  • Crash dieting. Just skip it.
  • Eating good foods you hate. Because no one dies or gets fat just because of the lack of spinach.
  • Blaming yourself. We all have moments of weakness, right?
  • Overestimating yourself. No matter how hard you try, don’t expect immediate results.
  • Relying on foods, not moves. You’ll find some advice on proper physical activities below.

Move on!

These tips will help you to stay fit and lose weight fast in a healthy way:

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Three exercise twenty minute workout

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