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What food is good

Everyone starting new healthy living thinks of the best diet. But what food is good for you? Raw? Gluten free? Low in calories? Or maybe just tasty? Bad news for those who love processed food: it makes you fat and shortens your life. Good news for everyone:  it’s easy to enjoy healthy food which is definitely not Cola and cheeseburgers.

Choosing a diet.

Most popular ones are still low glycemic, low fat, low carb, Mediterranean and vegan. Anyone who ever tried any quickly burning fat diet knows that every lost pound comes back bringing new ones, so your struggle turns into a vicious circle.

Moreover, scientists proved that eating healthy food permanently is the one and only right diet for everyone. Dr. David Katz and his team from the Yale University School of Public Health studied mainstream diets in 2014. Their report says the best ones are based on minimally processed real food.

What is real food?

It’s obvious: everything that comes directly from the earth or from animals eating stuff that comes from the earth. Plants, seeds, whole grains, nuts, fruits, fresh eggs and milk, even fresh meat (sorry, vegans) with no hint of chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Changing your eating habits step by step

Eating real food takes time to adapt, so be patient. Here’s an easy plan:

  • Change your ration gradually. Take a hamburger without additional fries. Drink a glass of fresh juice instead of a milkshake. Eat an apple when you thing of another chocolate bar.
  • Listen to your body. If you like fruits and hate vegetables, just skip what you hate until it comes easily.
  • Use smaller plates to control portion sizes.
  • It’s much easier to control what you eat and to lose weight when you do it yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid of natural foods high in calories such as extra virgin olive oil or fresh wild salmon.
  • Drink water. The more the better. Try to take calories from food, not from drinks.
  • Flexibility is the thing. You won’t even remember you’re dieting if you eat various healthy foods.
  • Eat more frequently. Don’t wait until you get hungry ‘cause you risk to overeat.
  • Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You know how it works!

Start with making lists: foods you really love; healthy foods; healthy foods that can gradually replace unhealthy ones that you really love. Making one small change every day you’ll see the difference in a month. You won’t even notice how your portions became smaller and your body got stronger (and how you started loving vegetables you used to hate).


  1. “Don’t be afraid of natural foods high in calories”. So now I can eat butter? ahahah


    1. It depends on how much butter you’d like to eat, dude!


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