training muscles workout most dangerous myths

Workout most dangerous myths

You’ve probably read a lot about exercising and maybe even consulted a good coach. Still check out this list of workout most dangerous myths. You can’t imagine how easy it is to harm your body following bad advice.

Workout most dangerous myths, #1:

Extreme conditions are necessary

Some prefer training at high humidity and temperature believing that extreme conditions are good for them.


Cell metabolism is increased only when there is enough oxygen.

Workout most dangerous myths, #2:

You need warmer clothes for weight loss

Some think that workouts or jogging in extremely warm clothe helps to lose weight.


Thus you lose only water, and along with it the important minerals like potassium and calcium.

Workout most dangerous myths, #3:

You can’t drink while training

Some are sure that it’s not good to drink water during workouts.


You should do a couple of small sips from time to time in order to keep your body hydrated enough.

Workout most dangerous myths, #4:

You need carb-free diet

Some believe that carbohydrate-free diet will help to lose weight faster.

Well, it could, but…

The lack of carbs affects your brain, and the excess of proteins is really bad for your kidneys. So it is much better to cut your normal portions.

Workout most dangerous myths, #5:

Nutrition is the thing

Largely thanks to advertising almost every athlete takes sports nutrition thinking it’s harmless.

Think twice!

In fact only the Olympic nutrition taken under specialists control is fine.

Some more workout myths:

  • Doing crunches will burn your belly fat. Actually it’s your overall percentage of body fat that matters. Better choose a workout that includes both cardiovascular and strength-training elements.
  • Swimming is a great activity for weight loss. Actually it is great for toning muscles and increasing lung capacity.
  • You need a 45-minute sweating workout to get a benefit. In fact even 10 minutes of training daily is good for your cardiovascular healt.


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