workout music ideas

Workout music: playlists for different activities

Even if you do not like sports that much, you may appreciate moving with the music you love. Sometimes, workout music is the main motivation. So, we picked playlists that fit various activities, for you inspiration. Stay active, and enjoy it!

Workout music ideas

This Billboard playlist is perfect for any high intensity training, at home or in the gym. Also, you may listen to this music when running, or biking. Here you will find electro, progressive, tech, and house.

On this site you can explore different kinds of music, including those fitting your dance classes, as well as yoga and stretching workouts.

One of out favorite blogs, Popsugar, offers 1-hour playlist for those who love running.

If you practice weight training, and like rap music, you will enjoy these 13 hip-hop songs.

Tips to choose the right music for your workouts

  • Get started with the song you love the most. It motivates perfectly.
  • Mix it up. No matter what you do in the gym, or outdoors, you will need all kinds of music, fast, mid-tempo, and slow.
  • Mind lyrics. Shake it off!

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  1. I’m going to use this playlist tomorrow. I think I’m going to love this. Thanks for sharing!


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