be active one hour a day

You should be active one hour a day

No more excuses for unhealthy living: scientists have just discovered that you should be active one hour a day. Just one hour! Ulf Ekelund, professor of physical activity and health at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (he led one of the studies), says that any kind of physical activity can prevent almost all non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The study

More than a million people, mainly from Western Europe, North America and Australia, participated in 16 studies. The researcher’s goal was to find out what amount of daily activity could reduce the risk of death.

It turned that people who sat for more than 8 hours a day and were active for less than 5 minutes had a 59% increased risk of death compared with a reference group of people who sat for less than 4 hours and were active for more than 60 minutes.

Sitting kills you

“People should avoid more than two to three hours of TV viewing per day”, says Ekelund. In fact even one hour of TV daily may cause weight gain.

And don’t forget that usually those TV evenings come with an 8-hour office work and driving a car. Sitting all the time, literally. Most people know they should be getting up regularly to move for a while, but who actually does it?

Being active one hour a day doesn’t even mean exercising

The study found that an 8-hour working day’s impacts on your health could be easily alleviated by cycling at speeds of more than 16 km/h or walking at 5.6 km/h for more than 60 minutes every day.

The recommended bare minimum of physical activity is 150 minutes a week. So one hour a day is a super-plan. And no one says you should run marathons. Walking is quite enough. So get a dog (or catch pokemons)!


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