youtube workout channels to follow

YouTube workout channels to follow

We hope you are already doing your best to get in shape. If not, here is the list of the best YouTube workout channels to inspire you. Just imagine that all you need to exercise, and therefore look and feel much better, is WiFi and some floor space!

Before you get started, mind this:

  • Most of these free to subscribe YouTube workout channels are not by professionals. So, you’d better ask your doc what is safe for you. Especially if you are a beginner.
  • Also remember workout most dangerous myths we already told you about.
  • Do not overdo. You need better shape, not injuries, right?
  • Whatever you do, do it regularly. Try 5 days a week workout plan.

YouTube workout channels we love

They are different, from yoga for ladies to focused workouts, from short ones to hard and long exercise plans. So, anyone could find the right one for his or her needs. Let’s get started!


Probably the most popular fitness YouTube channel, offering workouts, but also weight loss and healthy living in general advice. There are tons of different workouts here. Just one example:

POP pilates

Pilates workouts with certified fitness instructor, both for beginners and fitness experts, for your total body and for single muscle groups.

Sonima Live

Yoga classes, yoga poses, guided meditation. They also give us healthy eating advice.


This channel offers various workouts. You can choose a butt lift plan, an abs program, or any other, and will be satisfied for sure.

Tone It Up

The easiest way to get the perfect beach body is to follow this YouTube channel, with the motto ‘Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat!’

Steady Health

They don’t add new videos, but they’ve got a large collection of older ones, including routines for pregnant women and office workers, for example.

Maybe these YouTube workout channels will finally make exercise even the laziest ones!

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