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10 common antibiotic myths that affect treatment

Let us find all the truth about so-called probiotics, duration of treatment with antibiotics, and their compatibility with alcohol. First, mind that these 10 common antibiotic myths might affect the treatment. Spoiler: certain suberbugs can actually resist such drugs, and antibiotics cannot actually cure common flu. Just mind that some misconceptions may make these effective drugs even unsafe.

The most common antibiotic myths A to Z

You should always take antibiotics with probiotics

Actually, sometimes a course of treatment may cause a short-termĀ diarrhea. The thing is that antibiotics do destroy bacteria, and probiotics do restore gut flora. On the other side, not everyone faces this problem. In addition, many doctors and scientists believe that just drinking plenty of water and eating wisely when you take antibiotics helps much more.

Antibiotics always need a full course

In fact, most specialists (and even us) insist that any course of antibiotics must be completed. But, according to recent data, it is not so necessary, if you really feel better. However, rejection of the drug in the middle of the course can lead to serious consequences for a number of diseases. So, better trust your doctor.

You need testing for antibiotic sensitivity

Well, such tests really help to avoid many problems. On the other hand, thus you might narrow the list of antibiotics you may use.

Antibiotics are unconditional evil for children and pregnant women

Researchers believe that pregnant women should use antibiotics with caution. However, such drugs are not completely forbidden. So, again, ask your doctor for proper advice.

Injections are better than tablets

A couple of decades ago, doctors really preferred injections instead of pills. But the choice was limited because of biological accessibility (80% for injections, and 40-60% for tablets). Fortunately, things change.

You may use antibiotics for prevention

In fact, some antibiotic really reduce the risk of infections associated with open fractures and wounds, as well as with surgery. However, do not use antibiotics in advance for traveler’s diarrhea.

Resistance increases with the constant intake of antibiotics

Well, scientists are still working on this, but now they admit that there might be no connection at all.

Any antibiotic is better than nothing

Unfortunately, there are no universal antibiotic, even those of a wide spectrum of action. Still, according to experts, people purchase about 50% of antibiotics without a prescription.

Antibiotics in meat harm our health

Seriously, you can limit the amount of read meat in your diet for other reasons.

All antibiotics are incompatible with alcohol

You might be surprised, but you can take most of the commonly prescribed antibiotics along with alcohol. In any case, do not interrupt the course of treatment just because of one or two glasses of wine. Still, certain exceptions exist.

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