10 things ruining good sleep

10 things ruining good sleep (some really weird)

Some of us experience more difficulties falling asleep and sleeping in summer. So, we picked this list of 10 things ruining good sleep. Some may seem quite obvious, but others are really surprising. Anyway, if you still have trouble sleeping, you can always ask your doctor for assistance and good sleeping pills.

6 of 10 things ruining good sleep

  • Hot bed. Because the temperature in the room should not be above 20-23 degrees in Celsius (68-73 F). And if it is too hot, the temperature of your body is too high, too. So, the body thinks it’s time to get up.
  • Strong heartburn. Of course, any kind of pain makes sleeping worse. But heartburn can wake you up several times a night. So, watch what are you eating before going to bed, and take your medicines if necessary.
  • Your partner’s behavior. We are just talking about those people who are always pulling the blanket.
  • Bad sex. In fact, sex relieves stress, and increases oxytocin and serotonin levels, thus promoting a good sleep. But only if you both have an orgasm.
  • Financial problems. Because they cause stress.
  • Your smartphone. Just believe us, and leave your mails and social networks unread until the morning.

The weirdest 4 of 10 things ruining good sleep

  • Bad air. And we don’t mean that bedroom air. Smog outside affects your sleep even more. Why is air pollution linked to poor sleep?
  • Reading. You may be surprised, but seems like some genres are not to read before going to sleep.
  • Vitamin B. Because it contributes to the processing of food consumed in energy, therefore adjusting the schedule of your sleep. So, eat supplements and vitamin B containing foods earlier.
  • Your cat sleeping with you. No matter how much you love your animal, just get it hosted in another room.

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