healthy mood-boosting foods

30 healthy mood-boosting foods: the list

Are you feeling blue? In addition to meditation, sports, and other stress-fighting activities, try eating these healthy mood-boosting foods. According to studies, they may help ease depression and make you feel happier.

Healthy mood-boosting foods good enough for weight loss

  • Oatmeal. Sudden jumps in the level of sugar lead to sudden mood swings, while oatmeal does it slowly.
  • Grapefruit. Because folic acid in it contributes to the flow of oxygen to the brain. Also, grapefruit contains substances improving the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.
  • Apples. First of all, because vitamin C stimulates the production of the dopamine, another mood-boosting hormone.
  • Tomatoes. They contain biotin that cheers up.
  • Carrots. Antioxidants plus vitamin B7 do miracles.
  • Cauliflower. Just as apples, it contains a lot of vitamin C.
  • Green beans. First of all, it is magnesium that makes green beans of the best among healthy mood-boosting foods.
  • White beans. For example, try eating them with olive oil and herbs. Beans contain dopamine, bringing you pleasure.
  • Corn. It makes you more positive due to vitamin B1.
  • Pumpkin. Zinc in it prolongs the life of nerve cells and promotes the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin.
  • Parsley. Do not hesitate to add it to fish, meat, and vegetable dishes. Parsley provides you with L-glutamic acid, which contributes to concentration, first of all. In addition, it helps fight fatigue and stress.
  • Cashews. Another great source of magnesium.
  • Walnuts. In addition to minerals, they contain omega-3 fatty acids in amounts that are not less than in fish.
  • Chickpeas. They help boost your mood because of calcium, zinc, and folic acid in them.
  • Green tea. Because it is full of antioxidants and nutrients improving brain function.
  • Goat cheese. Calcium in any kind of cheese is responsible for the normal transmission of nerve impulses. But fats from goat cheese are much easier to digest than those in cheeses made of cow milk.
  • Mushrooms. First of all, they provide you with amino acids, increasing the levels of so-called hormones of happiness. In addition,they contain biotin, or vitamin B7.
  • Tofu. A lack of tryptophan can lead to depression. Fortunately, tofu contains plenty of it.
  • Kelp. High amounts of iodine in it contribute to the stabilization of the nervous system. Also, iodine improves attention and reaction.
  • Cod. This northern fish is literally stuffed with taurine, an amino acid that helps improve metabolic processes between cells, including brain cells.
  • Tuna. It helps improve your mood due to vitamin B6 and serotonin.
  • Sardines. Again, because of omega-3 fatty acids.

Quite healthy mood-boosting foods to consume in moderation

  • Couscous. It contains a substance necessary for normal brain function.
  • Potatoes. High in vitamin B6, needed for the production of serotonin, they are not that good for losing weight.
  • Dried prunes. They are good for the mood, because they contain a lot of phosphorus, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the brain. On the other hand, they are high calories. So, do not overeat.
  • Dates. Also too sweet, but high in magnesium increasing brain efficiency.
  • Turkey. Pure tryptophan!
  • Lamb. Maybe too fatty, but it also provides you with tryptophan. In addition, it is rich in zinc and vitamin B3.
  • Beer. Surprisingly, it may be healthy, but only in small amounts. B vitamins help promote better sleep, first of all.
  • Baklava. These Turkish pastries are too sweet, and too high in calories. Despite this fact, they may be good for you because of omega fatty acids.

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