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7 portable protein snacks, plus some new protein sources

No matter whether you are trying to lose or maintain weight, or growing muscle mass, you need more protein. We picked some ideas on portable protein snacks you can easily put in your lunchbox. In addition, here are some new sources of protein you could have missed.

7 healthy portable protein snacks to bring to work

Try these protein snacks!

Pumpkin seeds

(19 g of protein per serving)

Not only protein! They are also rich in zinc, and provide vitamin E.


(21 g of protein per serving)

If you are dieting, do not overeat. Anyway, these nuts are one of the healthiest protein snacks. Why? Because almonds contain useful fats and vitamin E. And protein, of course.

Soybeans popcorn

(14 g of protein per serving)

A pleasure that is not too guilty. Put soybeans in a preheated oven for at least half an hour, then sprinkle with salt. Tasty and healthy!

Also rich in zinc, which, according to the Journal of Reproductive Studies, increases male libido.


(15 g of protein per serving)

In addition to high amounts of proteins, this cheese is also rich in calcium.


(17 g of protein per serving)

It could be a great alternative to a protein cocktail.

Greek yogurt

(11 g of protein per serving)

To make it even better, you may add fruit, granola, or nuts. In any case, natural yogurt will provide you with protein and calcium.

Beef jerky

(10-25 grams of protein per serving)

First of all, it is good enough for those who are losing weight. In addition, it is ideal for muscle mass gain.

5 new protein sources

You definitely know about eggs and chicken breast. But there are much more healthy foods to fuel for your muscles!


In fact, it contains just about 17 g of protein per 100 g. Still, it is a good source of proteins, and an excellent source of carbohydrates. So, oatmeal is a perfect choice for breakfast.


Peas are cheap, easy to cook, and they fuel for your body. In addition to 20 grams of protein per 100 grams, they provide us B and C vitamins.


Just one serving gives you half of the protein you need daily!


One serving of spinach contains 5 g of protein. But spinach is also rich in useful minerals.

Baked potato

One medium-sized potato contains about 10% of the daily recommended dose of protein.

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