top 7 legal doping

7 types of legal doping for your body and spirit

If you need to cheer up, but do not want to get disqualified, choose only legal doping. No steroids, no Meldonium. We picked seven natural and practically harmless stimulants that will make your body and soul far stronger.

# 1

Legal doping for better resistance: Ginseng

Traditional medicine used this “root of life” for centuries. Now it’s our turn!


Ginseng increases the body’s resistance to harmful physical, chemical and biological effects. When you take it in any form (infusion, tablets, sweets, etc.), it feels like brightness, contrast and volume controls in your internal TV are on.


However, if you have blood pressure, heart or thyroid problems, better skip this legal doping. Also, ginseng may be unsafe for those suffering from periodic headaches and insomnia.

# 2

Legal doping for energy: Guarana

Seems like this evergreen plant was made to make you run and jump.


In fact, it stores caffeine in its seeds as a toxin protecting the plant from pathogens. Caffeine raises pressure, strengthens palpitation and activates the work of the nervous system, providing you with clarity of mind. In addition, guarana contains antioxidants and vitamins of A, B and E groups.


Caffeine in such a high dosage (twice more than in usual coffee) may cause irritability, anxiety, trembling, muscle twitching, insomnia, headaches and heart palpitations. So, be careful.

# 3

Legal doping for studying: Rhodiola rosea

You’ve probably heard of this “golden root” from Asia.


It contains a lot of zinc, protects red blood cells from oxidative stress, and improves energy metabolism in the muscles and the brain. Highly recommended for students during examinations and all the hard workers, too. Moreover, it helps treat tobacco dependence!


Do not take it if you have any blood pressure or heart problems, as well as insomnia. The plant enhances the effects of other stimulants and suppresses the action of neuroleptics.

# 4

Legal doping for the mind: Eleutherococcus

A relative of Chinese ginseng, it grows in Siberia and in Asia.


Eleutherococcus provides almost the same effect as ginseng, increasing your mental capacity, visual acuity and hearing.


Better skip it if you have cirrhosis, epilepsy or alcohol dependence.

# 5

Legal doping for relaxation: Chocolate

Just because of cocoa, you know.


For example, chocolate is fine for a short-term withdrawal of depression. In addition, it has antioxidant, anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties, thus protecting against cardiovascular and liver diseases.


Do not overdo if you want to lose weight.

# 6

Legal doping for better sex: Yohimbe

Maybe, West Africa is famous for record birth rates because of this one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs.


This substance affects the brain, stimulates your libido, and increases blood flow to pelvic organs in both men and women. Also, it increases motor activity.


Not for those who have liver or kidney disease, as well as low blood pressure.

# 7

Legal doping for everything: Mate drink

Just better than coffee and tea.


In fact, this drink contains mostly caffeine, and is very similar to common tea. But, due to the larger amount of tannins, mate acts more gently than tea and coffee. It may even help to sleep better.


Just do not serve it too hot.

An allergist-immunologist expert review:

Such substances may be useful only in proper doses. Also mind that they are not magical. They just accelerate and stimulate physiological processes. Anyway, before trying any kind of “legal doping” better consult a doctor.

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