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8 out of 9 bloggers give bad advice on nutrition and fitness

It turned out that 8 out of 9 bloggers give bad advice on nutrition and fitness. Still, they present their own opinion as facts!

Bad advice found by research

Researchers of the University of Glasgow found out that only one of nine bloggers who talk about weight loss shares reliable information. The study has not been published yet, but scientists presented its results at the European Conference on Obesity in Glasgow, and The Independent published the news.

Experts analyzed the data published by nine popular British bloggers speaking of food and sports. They all have more than 80 thousand subscribers in at least one social network.

The lead author of the study noted that most bloggers present their opinions as a fact. However, many of their statements do not have an evidence base, and the recipes that they recommend and share do not meet the national criteria for a balanced diet.

Among the nine blogs analyzed, only one account belonged to a certified nutritionist.

Do not follow bad advice!

Our posts are true and helpful!

First, check our hashtags #nutrition and #inspire.

Also, we recommend studying the most common mistakes to avoid them:

Unbalanced diet kills more often than smoking

Obviously, bad nutrition leads to obesity, diseases, including various types of cancer, and even death. Still many people keep believing they can afford eating anything they want.

11 signs of eating behavior problems

For example, think of visiting a professional if you hate eating in public places. In addition, you should be worried if you eat a little, and at the same time exercise too much.

Another common mistake (and bad advice often given) is to avoid gluten and lactose. Who should really do it?

First, mind the difference between food intolerance and allergies. Also, remember that very few people really suffer from this stuff and have to stay away from gluten or milk.

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