About Us

We have been working on this project for several years, since 2016, and decided to tell about us. Our team consists of volunteers, young people of different nationalities and genders. Everyone here understands our mission – to inform people about a healthy lifestyle and new discoveries in the field of medicine.

One of our team members works as a nurse assistant at the hospital. Another participant in the project has a scientific degree. Although he does not have much free time, he is always ready to check our posts for relevance. In addition, the project involves a young journalist, an employee of a healthy food supplement company, a computer genius and several young businessmen.

Each of us cares of its health. There is not a single smoker among us, and there are several vegans (although our main expert insists that the benefits of it are still not proven). But the main thing is that each of our team members is sure that health is the main part of happy living. We cannot imagine how a person can not go to the doctor if something is wrong just because there’s “little time”. We hope we can “infect” you with this approach to your own health.

So, the main thing about us is that we do our best to help our readers enjoy a healthy life!